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Uzbekistan at DPL

International Intern Nargiza Tulaganova

Nargiza Tulaganova says that one of her favorite novels written in Uzbek is Tushda kechgan umrlar by Utkir Hoshimov, whose title in English means "Lives Passed in Sleep," but Nargiza seems to have no intention of sleeping through her life, thanks to the internship program made possible by the Denver International Program, USA (DIPUSA).

A graduate with a degree in International Relations, a speaker of 4 languages -- Uzbek, Russian, Turkish and English -- and a manager at a company in Uzbekistan, she wanted to continue growing and learning even more, so she visited the Educational Advising Center (EAC) at the U.S. Embassy in Tashkent which led her to the Denver International Program and the Denver Public Library. The aim of her program here in Denver is to gain "comprehensive knowledge of library science in the U.S. and to develop leadership skills."

1998 Nobel Winner José Saramago's Literary Legacy

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Winner of the Nobel prize for literature in 1998, Portuguese novelist José Saramago died last month. He was 87. He left a long list of novels--and books in other genres, too--as his legacy in spite of the fact that he didn’t start writing novels until he was in his fifties.

Library Journal recommended Blindness as an “excellent choice for a book-discussion group.” Publishers Weekly said The Cave is a “remarkably generous and eloquent novel” and that “Saramago [had] an extraordinary ability to make a complex narrative read like a simple parable.”

Baltasar and Blimunda

Newer Books with a Focus on the Americas

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I’m really looking forward to the upcoming Biennial of the Americas, a citywide event during the month of July. There will be art exhibits, entertainment and forums focusing on the Americas with visitors from many—maybe from all—of the countries of the Western Hemisphere in attendance. Here are some of the newer books related to the countries and cultures of the Western Hemisphere that captured my attention:

Latin American Graphic Design Edited by Felipe Taborda and Julius Wiedemann

Border Culture By Ilan Stavans

Sudden Fiction Latino: Short Stories from the United States and Latin America Edited by Robert Shapard, James Thomas and Ray Gonzalez

Resources about crude oil spills and health

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The Deep Water Horizon Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill has focused people's attention not only on the immediate environmental impact of the spill, but on the damage that will result in years to come, including concerns about health effects.

The National Library of Medicine has gathered useful information on Crude Oil Spills and Health from a variety of sources, including the Deep Water Horizon Unified Command official response, NOAA updates, chemical exposure and seafood contamination information from health and safety agencies, social media sites' information and more.

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