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Fat Angie

by e. E. Charlton-Trujillo

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After so many years of being called Fat Angie, Angie can only think of herself this way. Years of abuse by classmates and neglect and cruelty by her family, added on to the fact that she's the only one who believes her sister, a soldier taken hostage during the Iraq...

The Wisdom of Wooden

The Wisdom of Wooden

Sports Illustrated once noted about John Wooden: "There has never been a finer coach in American sports. Nor a finer man." Wooden, the beloved UCLA men's basketball coach, died at the age of 99 in June.

John Wooden's communication style was markedly different than say Pat Summit, another personal favorite. Wooden tried to make each day his masterpiece and coached by the Golden Rule. Coaching was the path of service to mankind for Wooden and effective teamwork was a hallmark of his coaching. He also had a fondness for maxims. A few of my favorites include:

Summer Hoops

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LeBron James is announcing his decision live on Thursday, July 8 at 9 PM ET on ESPN.

I was reminded while watching Hoop Reality, that only 1.2% of all college basketball players are recruited to the NBA. James is a very talented and lucky man.  A recent trip to watch the Washington Mystics and Los Angeles Sparks (sans an injured Candace Parker) had me wondering about the percentage of young women being recruited to the WNBA.


by Kathryn Mackel

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While you might think this book is all about steroid use in sports (yes, the issue does come up), it wasn't the main focus. Boost is a portrait of a girl who is passionate about sports and is willing to work hard to meet her goals. Savvy and her family...

Front and center

by Catherine Gilbert Murdock

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First of all, if you've yet to read Dairy Queen and The Off Season by Catherine Gilbert Murdock, stop now, get thee to your local library, and read them. Ok, are you back? Now you're ready for Front and Center, which concludes DJ's story with her finding her...

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