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How sweet it is

by Melissa Brayden

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Molly's partner since high school, Cassie, died in a plane crash over 4 years ago. She still can't quite picture her life moving forward without Cassie. Jordan, Cassie's younger sister, took Cassie's death hard, too. They were best friends, and Cassie was Jordan's only ally against her parents' wish that...

Revival. Volume one, You're among friends

by Tim Seeley

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Welcome to Wausau, Wisconsin, the world of Revival, billed as a "rural noir." This graphic format book is a contains mystery, the supernatural, an interesting spin on zombies, small town secrets, and interesting characters. The story opens on a day when 23 previously dead folks wake up and are seemingly...

Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Can't Lose

Friday Night Lights

I discovered the Friday Night Lights series recently and was immediately hooked. Despite the unifying narrative of high school football, a subject for which I have little interest, the great writing and interesting story lines kept me moving through the episodes quickly. And yes, after awhile I even started rooting for the Dillon Panthers to win their games! 

With its fourth season beginning Friday, May 7 on NBC, you'll have to work hard to catch up, but you can get started by placing holds on season one, season two (the weakest link in the series, due in part to the writer's strike) and season three.

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