Chromolithographs of the West: vibrant and colorful prints of the American frontier - presented by Chris Lane

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History and Genealogy
B2 Conference Center

This lecture is part of a series offered by the Philadelphia Print Shop West in collaboration with the Denver Public Library. A look at printed views of the American West, from the mid-nineteenth century to the early part of the twentieth.

"This is a period when the West captured the imagination of the American public and artists. Popular printmakers, like Currier & Ives, produced popular prints to take advantage of the public's interest, helping to create the image many Americans had of the West. About the same time, the U. S. government was sending out expeditions to explore the vast, relatively unknown region west of the Mississippi, each of which included artists who documented the lands through which they passed in superb, first-hand lithographs. Towards the end of the century, the West was firmly entrenched as an American icon and many artists tried to capture its grandeur in canvases, many of which were turned into chromolithographs intended to be hung in homes around the country." [Denver Post]