Scribes, Scholars and Storytellers Author Series 2014 - Featuring Dana Myles

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The Scribes, Scholars and Storytellers series was created to assist and uplift members of the Denver African American community that are involved in or trying to break into the published field. Every year we strive to offer material from a wide range of genres and from a diverse group of authors.

Novelist Dana Myles, East High School, MPW Kennesaw State University, BA Tuskegee University, joined the ranks of independently published authors in the summer of 2008, with her first book, Satin Sheet Memoirs, Volume 1 – a collection of erotic short stories and sensual poems. Since then, she’s self-published three additional books: Let There Be Life, a novella about the trials and tribulations of life after a divorce. Hello Diva was her first full length novel and best seller to date. It’s about learning to embrace what makes you different in a world where differences aren’t always accepted. Her latest novel, Breaking Point tells the tale of one woman’s struggle to piece herself back together after her sense of security is shattered. A proud Denver native, currently living in Atlanta, Dana welcomes any and every opportunity to come back and share her writing with the Denver community. Author will be selling copies of her book.

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Monday, April 21, 6:00 p.m. - Rena Camille

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Scribes, Scholars and Storytellers Author Series 2014 - Featuring Dana Myles