by Kiera Cass

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In a post World War IV, the United States is now known as the Kingdom of Illea. The country is ruled by a monarchy and has very strict caste system. There are eight levels of this caste. If you are a one, you are royalty, if you are an eight you are homeless and uneducated. America Singer is a five and is in love with a six, the servant class. Her family receives a letter inviting all eligible girls over 16 to apply for the chance to be selected as one of the thirty-five girls who will have a chance to be Illeas new princess and marry Prince Maxon. America is motivated to apply due to the fact that her family is very poor and all girls who are selected will receive generous sums of compensation for their families. The longer the girls stay in the competition, the better their life will be when they leave.
America is beautiful and is selected as one of thirty-five girls who will compete to be the next princess. America must leave her home and live at the palace. Much of this competition is played out on television much like todays reality shows. America is sure she will hate the Prince and the palace. Her attitude changes due to the Prince himself. Once thought to be shallow and materialistic, America finds that he is actually quite charming. She ultimately has to decide what she wants for herself, as she is soon caught in a love triangle.


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