Schlessman Bond Improvements

The Schlessman Family Branch Library reopened on Monday, November 1 following the installation of an automated materials handling return system. The installation of this system was part of the Better Denver Bond Program approved by voters in 2007.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the closest branches?

I have outstanding requests going to the Schlessman Family Branch Library. What will happen if they arrive before the branch reopens?
Any outstanding requests that arrive during the branch closure will automatically be sent to the Ross-Cherry Creek Branch Library. If you prefer to pick up items at a different location, please alert a staff member so we may change the destination of your requests to the branch of your choice.

Will I be able to return items to the closed branch?
No. Items must be returned to a Denver Public Library location that is currently open. Items should not be left at a closed location under any circumstances.

What will happen to the staff?
DPL will take advantage of the branch closures to redeploy staff to other locations, allowing the library to increase vacancy savings and not immediately hire open positions. By doing so, the Library will meet the 2010 budget reductions required by the City and County of Denver.

If the City and County of Denver is having budget problems, where is the money coming from for the renovations?
The funds are coming from the Better Denver Bond Program that voters approved in 2007. The bonds have already been issued and are separate from the operating budget of the City and County of Denver.

As Mayor Hickenlooper announced in December 2008, the City and County of Denver is committed to completing as many infrastructure projects as possible in the next three years that were funded by the Better Denver Bond Program as a way to stimulate the local economy and lessen the impact of the recent downturn.

Will there be other branch closures?
The Virginia Village Branch Library will close in early November 2010.