Great New Books for Kids

From The Kneebone Boy, Feiwel & Friends, 2010

Every month, librarians from Denver Public Library branches get together to talk about new books for school-aged kids. Here are some exciting new titles for fall.


Books for younger readers:

KIDS - Recommended New Books

Every month, librarians from Denver Public Library branches get together to talk about new books for school-aged kids. Here are some titles we are excited about as school begins.


Books for younger readers:

Gator on the Loose! by Sue Stauffacher is the first book in the new "Animal Rescue Team" series.  The three Carter kids help their parents run Carter's Urban Rescue, the place you call if, say, an alligator is loose in the city pool!  The series is full of friendship, sibling trouble, crazy animal escapades, and helping the planet.  This is the perfect new series to start a new school year.  Recommended by Lisa from Westwood.

Let Guns N' Roses Soothe Your Baby to Sleep

Rockabye Baby Guns N' Roses

What baby wouldn’t enjoy drifting off to sleep to the sounds of Welcome to the Jungle or November Rain? My daughter and I have had a blast listening to Rockabye Baby’s lullaby renditions of popular bands (ok, so maybe this is more of a treat for Mommy). Who knew the xylophone and glockenspiel could sound so good?

Not a fan of 80’s hair bands?

A Blender, A Vegetable and an Ice Cube Tray

blender baby food

It really is that easy to make your own baby food! I love the idea of knowing exactly what is in the food my daughter is eating and I’ve found that making our own baby food takes just a small amount of time and effort.

We’re still on simple fruits and vegetables, but in one afternoon I made enough food to last for several weeks. After the food is steamed and/or pureed I pour it into ice cube trays and freeze. These “ice cubes” make the perfect serving size for my hungry six month old!

KIDS - Recommended New Books

cover image from Turtle in Paradise by Jennifer L. Holm

Every month, librarians from Denver Public Library branches get together to talk about new books for school-aged kids. Here are some titles we are excited about this summer.

 Books for younger readers:

I Barfed on Mrs. Kenly by Jessica Harper is the third book in the "Uh-oh Cleo" series.  On her way to a birthday party, too many pancakes catch up with Cleo and she barfs on her friend's mom's fancy coat!  Recommended by Val from Virginia Village.

Have fun helping your child become a lifelong learner with StoryBlocks!

Did you know that parents who sing and talk with their children are building reading readiness and making a difference in lifelong learning? Interested in learning about other activities that will help your children learn and grow? If so, check out!

I love reading and singing to my 7-month old, and while I always knew it was fun for my baby to watch me act out the itsy bitsy spider climbing the water spout, I didn’t realize how much these types of fingerplays and rhyming songs actually impacted her healthy brain functionality! Score one for mom!!

Kids and Teens, help pick the books for the new Green Valley Ranch and Stapleton Libraries

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Hey kids and teens! We want to make sure we have your favorite books at the new Green Valley Ranch and Stapleton branch libraries. Tell us the books you want to see and you'll be entered into a drawing for a Target gift card!

Kids, visit to tell us your picks.

Teens, visit and let us know what you want.

Don't forget to give us your name and phone number or email address if you want to be entered into the drawing for the Target gift card!

Thanks for helping us make your new libraries a great place for kids and teens!

Do You Read With Your Kids?

The New York Times recently ran this article about Jim Brozina and his daughter Kathy, who read together each evening for 3,218 nights. Neither Kathy's involvement in theater and outings with friends or single dad Jim's dates got in the way of their commitment to read together.  If you think you don't have time to read with your kids, check out this story, and maybe be inspired to start a reading streak of your own.


If you need tips on how to read to your kids, want book suggestions, or want to see why reading with your children is important--no matter how old they are--check out the Grown Ups section of the Denver Public Library's Kids web page. Jim and Kathy's streak started during her fourth grade year and ended as of her first day of college. Could you get your kids excited to try to break their record?

Kiss and Cry

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The baby boom among staff here at Denver Public Library has me wishing for a "kiss-and-cry" area similar to that for the skaters at the Olympics.

I am overjoyed for my colleagues and more than ever, feel called to make a meaningful contribution to society.  Somehow, just caring for my pet cockatiel is not enough.  Not one to play the tax card, I started to think about practical ways I can contribute to the success of children in my own community. And while the prospect is overwhelming, I have narrowed my tasks to three simple actions:
1) Don't text and drive,
2) Offer to baby-sit for friends and family waiving my required nonrefundable furniture deposit, and

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