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The Best of The Discovery Channel

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No Cable? No Problem! The library has a premium selection of TV shows! The Discovery Channel offers many educational and entertaining selections!

The Best of the History Channel

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No Cable? No Problem! The library has a premium selection of TV shows! The History Channel offers many educational and thrilling choices!

Happy Birthday Tom Hanks!

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Tom Hanks is the Jimmy Stewart of our era in many ways. His charm and affability make him someone you would want to hang out with or would love to be wooed by. Today he is 54 and still going strong!

Selected Tom Hanks Filmography as owned by DPL:

Colorado Burlesque Festival

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The Colorado Burlesque Festival is the first of its kind in our fair state. Still don't have an eye full? Ladies and Gentlemen, presented for your enjoyment, a film list: On Stage: Films featuring Burlesque Dancers and Vaudevillians.

Films for the Fourth

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Celebrate Independence Day with one of these great patriotic films!

  • Glory - A group of soldiers overlooked in history fight for the betterment of their country.
  • All the President's Men - A tantalizing mystery that reinforces the Founding Fathers' belief in Freedom of the Press.
  • Yankee Doodle Dandy - A biographical portrait of George M.

Eclipse & More Book to Movie News

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While Eclipse is hitting the theatres, several more books are on their way to the big screen.

Will you see Eclipse at one of the midnight showings? Which of the Stephenie Meyer films has been your favorite so far?

Against All Odds

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Looking for a little inspiration? These uplifting films will make nothing seem out of reach.

Wolf Out

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Feeling the effects of the full moon? Soothe your inner beast by reveling in these werewolf films!

Just Kickin' It: Soccer Films

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Does the World Cup have you on the edge of your seat? Just can't get enough soccer? The Library has oodles of films for soccer fans!

Feature Films

Happy Birthday Joss Whedon!

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Many know Joss Whedon as the creator of Buffy, Angel, Captain Mal, Echo and Dr. Horrible - but did you know he wrote the first Toy Story screenplay?

Joss's Genius on the Small Screen:

Not only is Joss Whedon a first rate director, he has penned many graphic novels and comic books!

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