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A cup of water under my bed : a memoir

by Daisy Hernández

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A memoir exploring the intersections of culture, language, class, sexuality, and religion. Hernandez grew up in New Jersey with immigrant parents--her mother from Columbia, her father from Cuba. She learned both Spanish and English and helped her parents navigate the world, including filling out her father's unemployment applications when factory...

Tell the wolves I'm home : a novel

by Carol Rifka Brunt

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I'm completely floored by Tell the Wolves I'm Home. It's not labeled Young Adult, and while it does not have the current YA conventions, it's a definite bildungsroman.

Dakota Skye

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Dakota Skye is a great movie. Dakota isn't the typical teen in a movie. In fact, she's a girl who knows when people are telling the truth. But the power can be tricky when the people around believe they are telling the truth. Who is really telling the truth? And...

The last kings of Sark : a novel

by Rosa Rankin-Gee

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The nostalgia of an idyllic island summer is fully felt in this debut novel. Recent college graduate Jude (not the expected young man) has been hired to tutor 16-year-old Pip for the college exams he has no intention of passing. Along with the Pip's family's cook, Sofi, the young almost-adults...

Briony Hatch : a graphic novel

by Ginny Skinner

Briony's life is one long waiting game for the next adventure of her favorite dystopian novel, The Adventures of Starling Black. But it isn't enough to read about Starling, the beautiful spell-casting exorcist. Briony wants to be strong and powerful just like Starling. And when she completes the very last...

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We are all completely beside ourselves [a novel]

by Karen Joy Fowler

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Rosemary looks back on her life, her family, her memories, her secrets--and how they all led her to where she is today in Fowler's beautifully written, sometimes disturbing, always thought-provoking, and often humorous novel. The big detail about Rosemary is that she lost her "twin" sister when she was five....

Calling Dr. Laura : a graphic memoir

by Nicole J Georges

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Grab a binky and set aside uninterrupted time to read (and re-read) Nicole George's vulnerable and witty memoir. The basic storyline of dead dad-crazy mom-coming out-love-dogs and sundry surprises would just be too overwhelming if it weren't for Nicole's understated sharing. Her honesty and introspection affords the reader the position of...

Citizen of the galaxy

by Robert A. (Robert Anson) Heinlein

Reviewer Rating:

Highly, highly recommend.

"Citizen of the Galaxy" is a coming of age Science Fiction adventure across the galaxy.

Thorby is first introduced to us standing on the slavery selling block on the planet Jubbal. We follow Thorby from being a young, defiant mistreated slave boy to his adulthood and discovery of his...

Everything begins and ends at the Kentucky Club

by Benjamin Alire Sáenz

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Many famous people have visited the real-life Kentucky Club and just as many nameless people have died around this border bar. Conflict weaves together Sánez’s seven stories exploring the perilous border crossings in relationships. The stories are not easy. Sánez unfolds tragedy with forgiving empathy, leaving judgments or condemnation to...

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