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Roomic cube

by Takako Minekawa

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This is a playful and experimental album. It has a techy art-album feel that’s upbeat and fun, but is also engaging and complex.  Fantasic Cat is a great song and the most popular from the album, but I also found Black…White exciting. Also an interesting fact  about Takako Minekawa is...

Total loss

by How to Dress Well

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This album has a contemporary feel and sounds something like a combination of Burial and Sigur Ros, kind of a trip hop, ambient sound. The songs have an eclectic range of influences from ‘80s r&b to ethereal noise. Unlike their previous album Love Remains, each song sounds like a different...


by Burial (Musician)

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Burial has become one of my favorite bands as they combine many elements of rhythm in one of my favorite sprawling genres ambient. It  has the feeling of trance but also has glitch beats, definitely could be categorized as experimental. The vocals are emotive leaning on r&b, but are distorted...


by Grimes (Musician)

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I love this album. I found it eclectic in sound, synthesizing many different musical influences in a unique and imaginative album.  It’s obvious in the music, Claire Boucher (Grimes) is incredibly talented and willing to take a risk, and the result of this album is magic, it’s as moving as...

Free Magic

You're welcome to interpret that as the library giving out some, but it's also the title of the newest creation by Medeski Martin & Wood. Comprised of a collection of recordings from their all-acoustic tour in 2007, it manages to simultaneously surprise and maintain a level of consistency that fans expect.

MMW has been around since 1991 and, like most jazz groups, has a complex history deeply intertwined in collaboration with other musicians. Members John Medeski--piano and keyboard, Billy Martin--drums, and Chris Wood--bass, have each dabbled in many projects over the years individually, and together combine a host of talents and backgrounds. Speaking of jazz, you can think of MMW as that, but such a wide variety of other genres go into it that maybe the most accurate moniker would be experimento-jazz-funk-jam-band.


by Sonic Youth

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Mesmerizing, experimental rock filled with bold rhythms that you can feel. This album will get to you deep down with the graceful chaos of voices and discordant guitars.

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