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The Ogallala road : a memoir of love and reckoning

by Julene Bair

Colorado author Bair recounts a story of the land and her family, the personal and the greater world, in this lovely memoir. She talks of leaving and returning to her family's Kansas farm, falling in love with a rancher there, her family's connection to the land, and the bigger picture...



We at the Byers Branch Library invite you to come get to know the creative talent in our neighborhood!

CONNECTING VECINOS collaborates with people and resources from the communities that Byers Library serves to provide original programs such as art-workshops, dance performances, poetry readings, and other innovative projects.

Everything leads to you

by Nina LaCour

A story of connection, family, the power of movies, and the power of the stories we tell ourselves, Emi Price's summer is captivating. She's just graduated from high school, has been working as set design intern for a movie studio for years, and has just gotten a big break and...

We are all completely beside ourselves [a novel]

by Karen Joy Fowler

DPL Rating:

Rosemary looks back on her life, her family, her memories, her secrets--and how they all led her to where she is today in Fowler's beautifully written, sometimes disturbing, always thought-provoking, and often humorous novel. The big detail about Rosemary is that she lost her "twin" sister when she was five....

Teaching the cat to sit : a memoir

by Michelle Theall

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Colorado author Theall's memoir alternates between her early years in a strict Catholic family in Texas and her dealing with her son's Catholic school's decision to expel children of same sex parents in 2010. Theall's story of isolation, yearning for acceptance by her mother and the church, and hiding the...

About time

DPL Rating:

On his 21st birthday, Tim (Domhnall Gleeson) learns he has a genetic pre-disposition for time travel. With guidance from his father (Bill Nighy), he sets out to use his powers to find love. He quickly finds out that being able to "fix" your mistakes and smooth out the bumpy moments...

The son

by Philipp Meyer

DPL Rating:

This epic Western relates the violent history of Texas through the story of one powerful family. That story begins when 13-year-old Eli McCullough is captured by the Comanche in 1849 and traces his survivor’s spirit of resilience and ruthlessness through his progeny over the next 160 years, told in alternating...

Legends lost

by Charlie Mac

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Giving a new twist to an old story. In his first book, the author, Charlie Mac finds a way to bring home Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. After allowing people to think they had died in a ferocious gun battle with lawmen in Bolivia, with the assistance of Ms....

Better Nate than ever

by Tim Federle

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Nate Foster wants to be on Broadway. Or at least get out of his small Pennsylvania town where it seems no one but his best friend Libby understands him. When they hear about open auditions for E.T.: The Musical, Libby and Nate plot how to get him to New York...


by Rachel Hartman

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Like many other governments, the kingdom of Goredd entered into a peace agreement with another very powerful dynasty in hopes of putting a stop to the senseless death and destruction brought on by war. It's provided four decades of peace between the two, but it's frail.  There are still fears and doubts....

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