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Someone could get hurt : a memoir of twenty-first-century parenthood

by Drew Magary

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I teared up both from Magary's hilarious storytelling and his ability to convey the sincere love and fear that comes with parenting.  Magary captures what it feels like to be a parent of young children with brutal honesty and humility.  His stories about sleep-deprived delirium, secret parenting competitions, the ridiculous things you...

Dad is fat

by Jim Gaffigan

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Funny, funny! I enjoyed reading about parenting from a Dad who makes fun of himself. Gaffigan knows how to tell a story as if you were right there when his kid peed in the pool.  If you come from a large family, are a parent or even wiled away the...

The underwater welder

by Jeff Lemire

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Jeff Lemire presents the story of a man literally and figuratively under pressure. An underwater welder by trade, Jack is used to working on the seabed in a pressure suit. But as he anticipates becoming a father, he finds himself haunted by unresolved issues from his childhood involving his relationship...

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