Reviews and Blog Posts: Fathers and Sons

Rage is back

by Adam Mansbach

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Kicked out of school, Dondi stumbles upon his estranged father, "Rage," who has come back to NYC to settle an old score.  A legendary graffiti artist, "Rage" revives a network of "ninjas" from New York's glory days to paint the town every imaginable color.  Written in a first-person cadence that quickly draws you in, this novel...

Darth Vader and son

by Jeffrey Brown

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Jeffrey Brown has created a perfect representation of Gen X fatherhood through a series of cartoons about the unlikely pairing of Darth Vader and his four-year-old son, Luke Skywalker.  Brown found the sweet spot by placing the characters in familiar Star Wars settings and applying lines of classic Vader dialogue...

Chasing Windmills

by Catherine Ryan Hyde

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17 year-old Sebastian lives a sequestered existence in his father's New York apartment, able to relieve his loneliness only by sneaking out after midnight. Locking eyes with a bruised woman on a late night subway train, he chases the unexpected, electric charge of attraction and embarks on a journey that...

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