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Eat What You Grow

If you love gardening, and you love eating, nothing is better than growing your own food. Denver Urban Homesteading is an organization that offers classes and agricultural activities for everyone!

Want to know more about backyard chickens? Be sure to read all about it on Gwen's blog!

Miniature Gardening

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Whether you call them miniature gardens, tabletop gardens, or fairy gardens these tiny, darling landscapes are beautiful and simple enough for anyone to create. Because they are basically container gardens, they are perfect for any space, any lighting and any conditions!

Many of our local gardening stores have miniature plants and even tiny accessories. When I was last at Rabbit Shadow Farm, they mentioned that they would be introducing their own line of fairy garden furniture this fall. Taking a class at the Denver Botanic Gardens offered by Rabbit Shadow Farms was what first got me started in fairy gardening.

The $64 tomato

by William Alexander

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A delightful summer read and good companion to The Omnivore's Dilemma. If you garden at all, you'll enjoy reading about the trials and tribulations of Bill and his garden. His tomatoes really did come out to about $64 each but he enjoyed every one of them.

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