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Paper valentine

by Brenna Yovanoff

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If Lillian's been dead for 6 months, why's she still hanging around as a ghost? Hannah's trying to keep it together, but this summer is not helping -- it's HOT and there's a murderer on the loose. Plus, she's a Colorado author.

On the Hunt for Ghosts, History, Crafts, and Bread!


On the hunt for great adult cultural programs? Look no further than Fresh City Life My Branch this week!

Meet the Ghost Hunters on Wednesday, October 10 at 6 p.m. at the Ross-Cherry Creek Branch! Denver's leading ghost hunters, Spirit Paranormal Investigations, will provide a fun and informative presentation about ghosts and the art of ghost hunting. SpiritPI will share spooky stories about what it's like to investigate the paranormal and demonstrate the tools they use to detect ghosts.

The whispering house

by Rebecca Wade

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A ghost story set in the summer is a perfect read during afternoon thunderstorms!  Fourteen-year-old Hannah and her parents are forced to move into a dilapidated old house while their own home undergoes repairs.  Soon Hannah realizes why tenants never stay past June of any given year; aside from the...

Goofy Ghost Films

'When the Frost is on the Punkin' is one of my favorite James Whitcomb Riley poems and today's weather reminds me that it is indeed pumpkin season! Get in the Halloween spirit with these goofy ghost films that will have you cackling with laughter.

Her fearful symmetry : a novel

by Audrey Niffenegger

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American twins inherit a somber London flat, bordering the famous Highgate Cemetery and develop interesting friendships with local residents, both living and dead. So wonderfully atmospheric, I hated to have it end.

The secret of the painted house

by Marion Dane Bauer

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Emily and her family have just moved to a new house out in the country. Emily thinks it is going to be really boring with no close neighbors and nothing but trees in every direction. When she goes to explore the woods, Emily finds a locked and abandoned playhouse. Through...

The Harrowing: A Ghost Story.

by Alexandra Sokoloff

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Five oddball students, thrown together over a rain-swept Thanksgiving break, experiment with a ouija board. Soon afterward, they encounter malevolent forces roaming the otherwise empty halls of their brooding Victorian-era dorm. Fighting to save their sanity and their lives, the students uncover a decades-old tragedy and attempt to perform a...

Gilda Joyce, psychic investigator

by Jennifer Allison

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Gilda Joyce is a 13-year-old with a vivid imagination. She involves herself in a number of careers, one of which is psychic investigator. As summer vacation approaches, Gilda finds herself with nothing much to do except spy on her neighbors. Then she has the brilliant brain-wave of inviting herself to...

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