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EEEEEK! Bram Stoker Awards Announced

Bram Stoker Award statuette of haunted house

The Hugos' rocket trophy is pretty cool and the Agathas' teacup is cozy, but the Bram Stokers' gargoyled, rat-infested haunted house award is the creepiest!

The Stokers have been awarded by the Horror Writers Association since 1987 and the latest winners were announced at their convention in Portland last month. The winners are:

Superior Achievement in a Novel

American classics

Reviewer Rating:

I found this title when searching for currently available eAudiobooks in Denver Public Library’s downloadable emedia website ( I drive to work and needed something currently available  in small segments to keep me entertained during the trip. The short stories themselves are a diverse mixture, everything from Alice Walker’s Everyday...

The Adventures of the Princess and Mr. Whiffle : the Dark of Deep Below

by Patrick Rothfuss

Reviewer Rating:

When I saw that Patrick Rothfuss, best known for the much-loved and on-going Kingkiller Chronicles series, was publishing a picture book for adults, I have to admit I was intrigued. I thoroughly enjoyed the first book in the series, The Adventures of the Princess and Mr. Whiffle: The Thing Beneath...

The cape

by Jason Ciaramella

Reviewer Rating:

I picked up The Cape simply because I recognized Joe Hill’s name on the cover, which should have been a warning from the first. I do not usually enjoy the horror genre, but the premise piqued my interest. What if there was a cape that granted the wearer the ability...

Apocalypse cow

by Michael (Journalist) Logan

Reviewer Rating:

A zombie book that has a definite tongue in cheek vibe, Apocalypse Cow is the story of animals becoming zombies through government experiments causing the isolation of the British Isles. Having seen snotty (and I don’t mean snobby) cows, the descriptions of the cows sneezing brought back memories of visiting...

Fiend : a novel

by Peter Stenson

Reviewer Rating:

Rarely have I encountered a book so pessimistic, so heartbreaking, so hopelessly despondent…yet so entertaining as Peter Stenson's Fiend. I mean, zombies and tweekers? That right there is enough to pique my disturbed interest.

The stand. 1, Captain Trips

by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa

Reviewer Rating:

Since I've not read many graphic novels, I decided to read one based on a book I have already read. I like The Stand's story, so I could concentrate on the artwork and how it presents the story. This is actually part 1 of 6 books in the graphic-novel series--the original The Stand is...

Hack/slash. Volume one, First cut

by Tim Seeley

Reviewer Rating:

Imagine a classic slasher film played out in vignette length tales, graphic novel style. You've just found Tim Seeley's Hack/Slash. Hack/Slash chronicles the journey of Cassandra Hack and her companion Vlad. They travel the country and sometimes world looking for slashers and put an end to them. Think Freddy, Jason,...

The girl behind the glass

by Jane (Jane Alice) Kelley

Reviewer Rating:

What makes this book fun is that this a ghost story told in the ghosts own words! In addition to some scary parts there is a storyline of twin sisters who no longer do everything together, for instance only one of the sisters can hear the ghost! I would recommend to...

It's That Time of the Year...

If You Could Be Mine

Yes, everyone from The New York Times to NPR is coming out with their take on "the best books of 2013" right now.

I won't promise this list is "the best," but they're all books I enjoyed this year for various reasons. Please add your own favorite 2013 reads in the comments!! I hope some of my fabulous DPL colleagues will post their own lists, too--we're a diverse group with varying interests and tastes in books.

Science Fiction & Horror:

Doctor Sleep by Stephen King--Classic King. Well-drawn characters, good vs. evil, creepy villains. And a Colorado conection!

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