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Plaza Voices: Driver's License and ID Updates

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Senate Bill 13-251, The Colorado Road and Community Safety Act, authorizes the issuance of a Colorado driver’s license, instruction permit, or identification card to those individuals who either cannot demonstrate lawful presence in the U.S. or can only demonstrate temporary lawful presence in the U.S., beginning August 1, 2014.

Plaza Voices: Mulberry Child

Jian Ping (left) and her daughter Lisa Xia (right).

In 2008, Jian Ping had the opportunity to return to China for the Olympic Games and brought her adult daughter Lisa with her. After years of tension stemming from their different cultural values and expectations, Jian was hoping this trip would help her reconnect with Lisa in a new way. While revisiting her mother’s painful past, Lisa realized how much sadness and trauma her family had experienced, and just how much it influenced her mother and her decision to immigrate.

The Book of Unknown Americans

by Cristina Henraiquez

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Arturo and Alma had a peaceful life in Mexico until their teenaged daughter, Maribel, suffered a traumatic brain injury.  Stricken with grief and afraid for her future, the family decides to immigrate to the United states, with the hopes of enrolling Maribel in a special school. However, once they reach...

Amerika : the missing person : a new translation, based on the restored text

by Franz Kafka

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Amerika by Franz Kafka was published in 1927, after the author's death. It was his first novel, and it was left unfinished.

The best American nonrequired reading 2012

by Edited by Dave Eggers

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A mix of short stories, essays, magazine articles, and online resources, the 2012 edition also includes meeting minutes from various Occupy movements across the country.  Some of the more familiar authors in this edition are Sherman Alexie, Junot Díaz, Louise Erdrich, Jon Ronson, and Jess Walter.  All of the material...

Just like us : the true story of four Mexican girls coming of age in America

by Helen Thorpe

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Denver's own Helen Thorpe does a great job of humanizing the issue of immigrants who have entered this country illegally and the long term affect this action has on the lives of their children.  She chronicles the personal experiences of four intelligent, ambitious girls from Mexico who were brought into...

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