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For the librarians on the Personalized Reading List team, making custom lists is one of the best parts of our job! We've been going strong for over a year now and, to date, we've completed over 400 personalized lists for our customers. Each list is unique, consisting of titles hand-selected by a librarian based on that customer's preferences. If you haven't requested your list yet, we want you to know what you're missing! Each month in this new column, we'll feature a recently-created list to give you a taste of what to expect from this new service.

After happily ever after

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This documentary fascinated me. Although I didn’t think it was particularly well researched, or narrated, I really did enjoy the interviews with a diverse group of married people on the subject of marriage. Her interview with Stephanie Coontz I found to be very informative; she has a compelling view of...

The underwater welder

by Jeff Lemire

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Jeff Lemire presents the story of a man literally and figuratively under pressure. An underwater welder by trade, Jack is used to working on the seabed in a pressure suit. But as he anticipates becoming a father, he finds himself haunted by unresolved issues from his childhood involving his relationship...


by Sándor Márai

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A century ago, a hunt occurred in a forest by a castle in the Carpathian Mountains.  What transpired that day changed the lives of three people forever -- two devoted friends and the woman they both loved.  Years later, as old men, the two come together for one last conversation,...

You lost me there

by Rosecrans Baldwin

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An Alzheimer researcher's battle with memory as it relates to the history of his marriage provides marital food for thought.

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