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by Carlos Ruiz Zafón

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Oscar Drai is a 15 year old boarding school student in Barcelona in the early 1980s. He disappears for a week and this is the tale of where he went beginning with his meeting of the mysterious Marina and her father.  Dark and suspenseful, the book is a classic horror...

Scariest Books in Existence!

*You will feel PAIN!* *You will see SUFFERING!* *You will smell DEATH!* *Your life will NEVER BE THE SAME!*

Your suffering in life is no comparison to the suffering of the characters in these books.

These are some of the scariest/ disturbing books in existence!

Also, If you wanna see/hear a real live ghost, check out the video I uploaded at the bottom of the blog.

--WARNING: these books are violent --


by Douglas J Preston

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This fast-paced thriller is the first in Preston & Child’s wildly successful Agent Pendergast series. A museum expedition is wiped out by something monstrous in the jungle, but not before sending crates of relics back to the U.S. The story moves on to the Museum of Natural History in New...

Battling Boy

by Paul Pope

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Acropolis, a city plagued by monsters, has lost it’s last living hero, Haggard West. Battling Boy is a thirteen year old demigod sent to Acropolis to prove himself. Acropolis is eager for a new hero, but Battling Boy may not be up to the challenge. Luckily, Haggard West is survived...

Discount Armageddon : an Incryptid novel

by Seanan McGuire

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The first of the Incryptid series, try this book if you like your strong women armed with both throwing knives AND attitude. Verity Price comes from a family of cryptozoologists. Generations ago, they broke with the Covenant of St. George over philosophical differences (the Prices wanted to study the cryptids...

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