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Coming through slaughter

by Michael Ondaatje

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Coming through Slaughter has been called the best jazz novel ever written, with a lyrical writing style compared to jazz music. It’s a fictional biography about one of the original trumpet giants of New Orleans, Buddy Bolden. Though it takes place around 1907 and was written in the late 1970’s,...

Faubourg Tremé the untold story of Black New Orleans

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This is an informative and moving documentary. It accomplishes mixing the rich history of the Faubourg Treme with contemporary momentous footage. Created and narrated by a resident of Treme, the documentary outlines the neighborhood from its origin through the birth of civil rights and jazz and the devastation of Hurricane...

A confederacy of dunces

by John Kennedy Toole

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Working with readers at DPL, I've noticed that this novel is often cited as either a reader's most favorite or least favorite novel. Naturally, I had to see for myself on which side of the line I fell. And wouldn't you know it? I came down right in the middle.

Out of the Easy

by Ruta Sepetys

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Working mornings as the clean-up girl at a bordello in New Orleans is not as near and dear to Josie’s heart as her other job at Marlowe’s Bookstore in 1950.   Surrounding her are Willie, the tough madam who knows how to run things, Cokie, the chauffeur, Patrick and Charlie Marlowe...

Island beneath the sea : a novel

by Isabel Allende

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The story begins in Haiti shortly before the French Revolution and follows Zarité, bought as a child to be the personal slave of a wealthy sugar cane plantation owner's new wife, through her experiences and relationships.  I loved the historical aspect of this book, from the heartbreaking descriptions of the...

A Galactic St. Patty's Day

Galactic: Photo by Greg Aiello

This coming Saint Patrick's Day, some may be celebrating the chasing of snakes out of Ireland or simply Irish heritage with some lively fiddle music and colcannon, but if, like many, you're just looking for a big party, head to the Ogden to see New Orleans funk band Galactic.

When I saw Galactic live, I had never heard of them before, and tagged along at the end of an already full day thinking it would be a nice, relaxing evening of New Orleans jazz. I mistakenly thought the opening band was Galactic. Then the real deal came out and the Fillmore filled up to the brim. Sandwiched tightly in the crush of the wild crowd right in front of the stage, I soon learned that Galactic shows are nothing to fool around with.

City Tales: New Orleans

new orleans mon amour

The Crescent City. The Big Easy.  Jazz, beignets and vampires.  Hurricane Katrina.

What comes to mind when you think of New Orleans? These days it's hard not to think of the ravage left behind by Hurricane Katrina. Nearly six years later, Nola has still not fully recovered. The hurricane and its aftermath has forever altered this beloved Louisiana city, a fact evident in each one of these titles.

My New Orleans: The Cookbook by John Besh

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