Reviews and Blog Posts: Philosophy

Out of the silent planet

by C. S. (Clive Staples) Lewis

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Most people know C.S. Lewis for his Chronicles of Narnia series or his writings about Christianity and the human condition.  Out of the Silent Planet is the first book of his Space Trilogy and one of his earliest published works.  It tells the story of Dr. Ransom, a language professor, who unwillingly gets...

The elegance of the hedgehog

by Muriel Barbery

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The hedgehog is "covered in quills, a real fortress...a deceptively indolent little creature, fiercely solitary - and terribly elegant." So says the precocious twelve year old Paloma Josse in reference to her building's concierge, a middle-aged nobody named Renee Michel, though the sentiment could just as easily refer to her.

Ask the passengers : a novel

by A. S. (Amy Sarig) King

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Astrid is searching—for herself, for somewhere for her love to go, for all sorts of answers.  The folks in her small town thrive on gossip and putting people in boxes. Astrid doesn’t want a box, she wants possibilities. She sends her love to the people in passing airplanes because no...

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