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Harlow & Sage (and Indiana) : a true story about best friends

by Brittni Vega

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If you want to take time out of your day reveling in the cuteness of cuddling dogs, this is the book for you. The story is told from the point of view of Harlow, a Weimaraner, who is best friends with Sage, a Miniature Dachshund. They cuddle, they play, they...

You are here : around the world in 92 minutes

by Chris Hadfield

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Amazing photographs of earth taken from the International Space Station by Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield. While the crew of the ISS is often busy doing science and maintaining the station, Hadfield also has a passion for photography, and he takes the time here to share pictures of earth from a...

Books Not Meant to be Read: PhotoGrids

PhotoGrids Sidewalk Chalk

Byers Branch Library Recommends: In this video, Yolanda talks about an artist book by Sol LeWitt:


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Steve McCurry untold : the stories behind the photographs.

by Steve McCurry

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This is a book of the stories behind the pictures that tell the stories.  Steve McCurry's photos are stunning - his use in many of his photographs of two or three extremely vibrant colors that just jump out of the page at you is absolutely amazing and allows those photos...

Plaza Voices: Stories of Integration

Photo from the "Stories of Integration" series on view at Barnum Library

Desiree S. of the Ross-Barnum branch writes:

Moving away from one’s home can be one of the most challenging life experiences. Having come to Denver via Oklahoma City myself just one year ago, I can certainly vouch for there being a period of readjustment -- one has to discover all new neighborhoods, meet all new friends and perhaps reconnect with old ones. In short, one must create an everyday existence that is different from what was there before. But what about adjusting to a place where both the language and the culture are completely foreign?

It's All In the Details: Walking Tour with Photographer Amy Wright

Photo credit: Amy Wright

“I didn’t tell him that I grew up in an ugly city that taught me how to look between dust and rubbish and potholes to find a splinter of glass that looked like unmelting ice, beautiful in its defiance of the sun.” ― Kamila Shamsie, Kartography

Looking at your urban environment can be as exciting and thought-provoking as any pastoral vision.  Capture the rhythms and patterns of the city and it's architecture in a fun, community event. 

Before they pass away

by Jimmy (Photographer) Nelson

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This book just floored me. It really changed my day.

It’s a powerful collection of portraits documenting dozens of cultures around the world whose people are, for one reason or another, at risk of fading away.

Chuck Close : face book

by Chuck Close

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I am a BIG fan of the books published by Abrams Books for Young Readers and quickly pounced on their new biography about Chuck Close, an American painter best known for his BIG paintings of the human face. Face Book is a massaged and amped up presentation based on an interview...

The seer of shadows

by 1937- Avi

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Horace wants to be photographer. He is an apprentice to a photographer and is fulfilling his dream. They are commissioned by Mr. and Mrs. Von Macht to take a photograph, but when the photo is developed, there is a girl in the picture. Horace discovers that the girl is the daughter...

Quiet beauty : Japanese gardens of North America

by Kendall H Brown

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Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!!!  Did I say beautiful?  I meant BEAUTIFUL!  Inspiration galore.

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