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Follow follow : a book of reverso poems

by Marilyn Singer

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I picked up Follow Follow because it was recommended as one of the best and brightest of 2013 by Denver Public Library’s librarians. It is the second in a series of “Reverso” poems, a poem form created by author, Marilyn Singer, where a poem (usually about a fairy tale) is...

Outstanding Books for the College Bound and Lifelong Learners

The Night Circus

Every five years, the Young Adult Library Services Association creates a list of Outstanding Books for the College Bound and Lifelong Learners in collaboration with academic librarians.

Whether you are a high school student thinking of heading off to college soon, an adult considering returning to school, or at any stage in your life and wanting some direction in your continuing education, the 2014 list is a diverse group of books, nonfiction and fiction, in various categories, that will expand your thoughts about the world around you. The books are at different reading levels and in different formats, and there's something here that should both interest and challenge nearly anyone interested in feeding their mind.

Aimless love a selection of poems

by Billy Collins

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If you haven't read former poet laureate, Billy Collins, before, you're in for a  treat. If you've always been put off by poetry because it's so serious and unfathomable, I encourage you to give Collins a try. He's your "everyman poet." We're not talking about lengthy descriptions of Grecian pottery...

They Are Legend: Authors We Lost in 2013

The Golden Notebook

As we all get used to writing "2014" as the date, here is a last look back at some of the notable authors we lost in 2013. Their words will long endure.

Chinua Achebe--Nigerian writer who died at age 82. His most famous work is Things Fall Apart (1958).

Iain Banks--Scottish author of both contemporary and science fiction.

Tom Clancy--popular author of espionage and military thrillers. His classic works include The Hunt for Red October and other books starring CIA operative Jack Ryan.

I could pee on this, and other poems by cats

by Francesco Marciuliano

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I wanted to like this more than I actually did. Certainly, the pictures of adorable kittens help, but I really was hoping for better poetry. There are a few gems - "Why are you screaming?" (a tale of a gift gone wrong), "Separation"(an emotional story of betrayal), "And now we...

English majors

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Prairie Home Companion meets a modern who’s who of American writers and poets. This audio features comedic sketches from NPR’s Prairie Home Companion from Dave Barry, Billy Collins, Robert Bly, Allan Ginsberg and Calvin Trillin. The audio is two discs long that should have been edited down to one really...

The madness vase : a collection of poetry

by Andrea Gibson

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Andrea Gibson was introduced to me in my college years. It was during one of those free events and when she recited her poetry, the room fell silent. So when I realized that she actually put out books of poetry, I was more than a little curious.

Museum of accidents

by Rachel Zucker

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The first few poems in Museum of Accidents​ were difficult for me to get into at first - poetry is not usually my thing - but when I read "Long Lines to Stave Off Suicide" I was hooked; I had to read the rest of the book. There's a brutal...

Ring of bone : collected poems, 1950-1971

by Lew Welch

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The poems in this collection embody the Poetics of Emptiness, a philosophical movement and style best characterized by the west coast Beat scene, most notably by Allen Ginsberg, Gary Snyder, Jack Kerouac, and Philip Whalen. Influenced by Zen, these poems are immersed with detailed observations of nature, self-enforced solitude, and...

Start the New Year off Right with Adult Programming!

We have a multitude of interesting programs coming up this week. If you like crafts, writing or cooking you will want to be sure to visit us. A reminder--please call in advance to sign up for all of the following writing and craft programs!

We have a lot of options for you on Saturday, January 11. At
10 a.m. Barb Lundy, a Colorado author, will be at Ross-University Hills for a poetry program. ​Poetry Tells Life Stories helps us ​bring our view of the world, language and our experiences ​to life​ through the art of poetry.​ There will be writing and sharing as well as information about the publishing process.

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