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by Rainbow Rowell

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Lincoln O’Neill isn’t necessarily happy with his life. It’s been several years since college and he is back living at home (though his mom makes delicious food) and working a job he isn’t so proud of, dreaming of his lost college love. Lincoln works as an “internet security officer” for...

Lambda Literary Award Finalists Announced


The finalists for the 25th annual Lambda Literary Awards were recently announced. The Lammys celebrate GLBT literature and are given in many categories, including fiction, romance, biography/memoir, children's/young adult, and sf/fantasy/horror.

If you want your next read to have GLBT themse, this is a great list to start with! For the complete list of finalists, see the Lambda Literary Foundation web site. The site also lists past winners and nominees. 

Paper valentine

by Brenna Yovanoff

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If Lillian's been dead for 6 months, why's she still hanging around as a ghost? Hannah's trying to keep it together, but this summer is not helping -- it's HOT and there's a murderer on the loose. Plus, she's a Colorado author.

4:44 last day on earth

by Abel Ferrara

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Abel Ferarra's 4:44 Last Day on Earth (2011) marks the independent filmmaker's cinematic return to New York City.  Set in a Lower East Side apartment building on the eve of an apocalyptic environmental collapse, the film centers on an upper-class bohemian couple played by Willem Defoe and Shanyn Leigh.  Over the course of the film's...

Cowboy Crazy

Cover for A Cowboy Under My Christmas Tree by Janet Dailey

Frazzled just thinking about the holidays? From Montana to Texas, the cowboy rules hearts so take time out to enjoy a western flavored romance!

These new titles will have you racing to the end.  Need help finding a romance title? We are happy to help!

The scorpio races

by Maggie Stiefvater

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A coming of age story about two young people who live on an island.  The premise is a bit unbelievable -- carnivorous horses that live in the sea race each year in the Scorpio Races.  Winning the Scorpio Races could be the ticket to a better life for both of...

2012 Audie Award Nominees

First Grave on the Right

The Audie Awards recognize distinction in audiobooks and spoken word performance, and are presented by the Audio Publishers Association. Here are some of the 2012 nominees owned by DPL:

Bossypants, Tina Fey, narrated by Tina Fey (Biography/Memoir, Humor)

Here Comes Trouble, Michael Moore, narrated by Michael Moore (Biography/Memoir)

I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings, Maya Angelou, narrated by Maya Angelou (Classic)

Bollywood Films!

Cover image for Chup Chup Ke

You’ve never fallen in love unless there’s been a scene and costume change.

Here are some of my favorites:
Dil Chahta Hai – A story of 3 men and the summer they find love.
Chup Chup Ke – A swindler fakes his death, pretends to be deaf, then meets the girl of his dreams.

Prelude To a Vampire's Kiss

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Mucho Mojo author event opens the Denver RomCon!

I never think I may have lost my mojo until someone brings up the idea of mojo (that magic spell or essence  that makes people attractive to each other). Once the subject comes up, I feel my posittraction levels start to plummet. But what can be had and lost can also be recaptured.

Mojo Lost and Found



1. A magic charm, talisman, or spell.
2. Magic power.

RomCon is coming to Denver on the weekend of August 5-7. Romance Conventions showcase more than just traditional romance fiction; it also celebrates the genres within romance fiction. Categories like Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romance are steadily gaining in popularity and have a growing fan base.

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