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by Mira Grant

In a kickoff to a new series, Grant (author of the Newsflesh trilogy, which I loved) introduces us to a near future world where health care as we know it has been fundamentally changed by a company called Symbogen. They developed a genetically modified tapeworm (really) that folks take in...

Fairyland : a memoir of my father

by Alysia Abbott

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Steve Abbott was a leading figure in the 1980s poetry scene, creating publications and organizing a community of poets including my personal favorites Judy Grahn and Robert Gluck. His passion for writing, building a community, and search for love meant he was not always present for his daughter. Part love...

The wild parrots of Telegraph Hill

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The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill is an ode to passion and eccentricity. The film follows formerly homeless musician Mark Bittner and chronicles how his life changed once he became the informal ward of a flock of wild parrots. Bittner's devotion to the animals and his intimate knowledge of their...

Dante's Inferno

by 1265-1321 Dante Alighieri

In Sandow Birk’s Dante’s Inferno, Birk’s starkly beautiful  drawings show a street kid Dante carrying his skateboard through hell, following after a Virgil who often looks like a street bum in his robes. Together they negotiate a Los Angeles-like hell of tattered alleyways, ATMs, long unending strip mall streets, palm...

The wild parrots of Telegraph Hill : a love story-- with wings

by Mark Bittner

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A flower child, seeking enlightenment, discovers a flock of wild parrots on San Francisco's Telegraph Hill.

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