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Heart-shaped box

by Joe Hill

DPL Rating:

Heart-Shaped Box gets off to a roaring start.  Protagonist Judas Coyne, a 54-year-old semi-retired leader of a metal band, buys a suit online that supposedly comes with the ghost of the man who wore it.  The suit's in his hands by page 15 and the ghost is already on the...

The big exit

by David Carnoy

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Rick Forman recently got out of prison.  He’s been away for seven years, serving time for vehicular homicide.  He always claimed he wasn’t the one driving.  He says his best friend, Mark MacGregor, was behind the wheel.  While Rick was in prison, Mark married the woman who had been Rick’s...

The daylight gate

by Jeanette Winterson

DPL Rating:

A visceral, brutal, and spare historical novel. England, 1612. King James I is ruling, and any remaining Catholics have fled to Lancashire. The law there uses their power to retaliate, rape, abuse, and torture, whether their victims be accused of sympathizing with the pope or of witchcraft. Alice Nutter is...

Life after life

by Kate Atkinson

DPL Rating:

On a cold, snowy English night in January, 1910, Ursula Todd is born with her cord wrapped around her neck, and dies the same day. On that same night, Ursula Todd is born again, and lives. We follow Todd through many lives, many experiences, many circumstances, many choices and chances....

Inferno : a novel

by Dan Brown

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I know I don't need to promote the current Dan Brown book, Inferno, Dan Brown has plenty of fans and followers. What I am promoting is reading Dan Brown's books in the format of an eBook. First I want to say I did enjoy the Inferno Book. It's about a...

Passage of arms

by Eric Ambler

DPL Rating:

With Passage of Arms (1959), British crime writer, Eric Ambler weaves a thriller that combines suspense and exoticism with a disciplined attention to detail and procedure.  Ambler began his writing career in the late-1930s, specializing in the kind of wrong-man and amateur detective narratives that are often associated with the...

The night she disappeared

by April Henry

DPL Rating:

When beautiful pizza delivery driver Kayla never returns from a delivery, the police declare her dead.  Her co-workers Gabbie and Dave don’t believe she can be dead, particularly because the mystery man who ordered the pizza had asked for Gabbie instead. The two teens set out to solve the mystery...


by Jenny Valentine

DPL Rating:

Chap has been living on the streets of London, avoiding social services, when he is spotted and recognized as a missing boy from a newspaper. While he knows that isn't him, everyone else is convinced, so Chap decides to escape his troubles by taking on the other boy's identity. Now...

Still Waiting for Gone Girl?

Gone Girl

One of the summer's hottest books was Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn. That title still has a hefty holds list, but if you're looking for other suspenseful reads/studies in character for now, check out one of these:

Before I Go to Sleep, S.J. Watson

Still Missing, Chevy Stevens

Drowned, Therese Bohman

Playing Dead, Julia Heaberlin

The Lifeboat, Charlotte Rogan

Recommended Summer Reads

Shadow and Bone cover

All signed up for Summer of Reading but aren't sure what to read to earn those prizes? Check out these hot recently published titles that are sure to make those hours of summer reading fly by!

  • Shadow and Bone by Leigh Bardugo - Two friends, orphaned by war, join the battle against flesh-eating monsters. This book is gripping and hard to put down!
  • A Girl Named Digit by Annabel Monaghan - Full of romance and suspense, this book features mathematical eighteen year old genius, Digit, who is recruited by the FBI to foil a terrorist plot.
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