Reviews and Blog Posts: WWII

Hotel on the corner of bitter and sweet

by Jamie Ford

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Hotel at the Corner of Bitter and Sweet is a beautifully told story of one of America's most shameful times in history. It's told from the point of view of Henry, a young Chinese boy in Seattle at the onset of WWII who befriends a Japanese classmate named Keiko. As...

The monuments men : Allied heros, Nazi thieves, and the greatest treasure hunt in history

by Robert M Edsel

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The Monuments Men tells the story of the brave men and women determined to save art from rampant looting and possible destruction not only by the Nazis during (and leading up to) WWII, but by the Allied forces, as well.  Most of the men recruited to become part of this...

Navigating Early

by Clare Vanderpool

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A new book written by Newberry winning author Clare Vanderpool.  It's 1945 and Jack's mother dies before his father returns home from war.  Jack's father decides to have him move from Kansas to Maine to attend a boarding school near the base where Jack's father is stationed.  At his new...

Meet With History: More Than 36 Days

Carron Barella and the men of More Than 36 Days

The Fresh City Life My Branch Colorado Authors series presents Carron Barrella and the veterans of More Than 36 Days on Saturday, May 12 at 2 p.m. at the Schlessman Family Branch.

More Than 36 Days: Four Ordinary Men Face Extraordinary Circumstances is the stories of four Colorado men who served as U.S. Marines during World War II in the battle for Iwo Jima. It is not a war book--it focuses on the men, their backgrounds, and how the war experience defined them. They spent 36 days on the island, but their stories are much more than that. Learn from the hearts and souls of Don Whipple, Joe Weinmeier, Max Brown, and Jim Blane.

The book thief

by Markus Zusak

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This young adult book is the best book I've read (listened to, actually) all year. Although it is narrated by Death during the Holocaust and relates devastating situations, it is a beautiful story. I grew attached to Liesel, the protagonist and to the other characters and was drawn into their...

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