The Yearling

By Donald Lipski

The Yearling The Yearling The Yearling

The red painted steel chair is 21 feet tall and ten feet wide, and the painted fiberglass pinto pony is six feet tall at the ears. The scale of this work is meant to recall that time in life when even everyday objects seemed monumental.

About the Yearling

“The Yearling” was originally commissioned for an elementary school in upper Manhattan. Says Lipski about this work, “I wanted to give kids something that would really be a cause for wonder.” When the school district asked Lipski to omit the horse, he refused, saying, “It just lost all its magic.” The sculpture spent 1997 in New York City’s Central Park, where it was widely acclaimed before traveling to Denver in 1998 for permanent installation. “If it makes people stop and feel something they haven’t felt before, I’m happy,” commented the artist, shortly before “The Yearling” was moved.

This sculpture was generously donated to former Denver Mayor Wellington E. Webb and the people of Denver by the NBT Foundation.

Books and Articles about Donald Lipski

Donald Lipski : Poetic Sculpture

Donald Lipski: Poetic Sculpture: March 13-April 22, 1990

by David S. Rubin

Features over fifty assemblages by Lipski. Spanning ten years of object making, the exhibition emphasized Lipski’s intuitive and process-oriented working methods that focus on the visible traces of the artist’s handiwork: wrapping, covering, stuffing, enclosing.

Who's Afraid of Red, White & Blue?

by Donald Lipski in collaboration with The Fabric Workshop

Examines how artist Donald Lipski offers a series of provocative variations on the loaded visual image of the American flag in a group of new fabric sculptures and installations.

Online articles about Donald Lipski

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